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Maximize Your Return on Life

Webinar Series

Cleaning Your Financial Closet Webinar Thumbnail

Cleaning Your Financial Closet Webinar

It's spring cleaning time! Why not add cleaning your financial closet to the list? Shari and Stephen Reiches discuss how to organize budgets, investment assets, estate plans, important financial documents, credit - and more! Whether you're starting your career, retired, or somewhere in between, everyone will benefit from a clean financial closet!

Healthy Financial Relationships Webinar Thumbnail

Healthy Financial Relationships Webinar

Money is often a leading stress in relationships. It doesn’t have to be. Panelists Andrea Muchin of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, Shari Greco Reiches and Liz Xilas cover a checklist of financial items that every woman should understand and what can go wrong if you are kept in the dark about your finances.

Good Friends, Good Investors Webinar Thumbnail

Good Friends, Good Investors Webinar

Learn how the same skills women use to build meaningful and enduring friendships can be applied to successful investing! Watch our "Good Friends, Good Investors" webinar, hosted by Shari Reiches and Liz Xilas.

Start Smart Money Habits Webinar Thumbnail

Start Smart Money Habits Webinar

Are you in college or just starting your career? Watch our Start Smart Money Habits Webinar. Shari Reiches and Liz Xilas discuss the job search, resume essentials, establishing credit, budgeting, investing for the short- and long-term, money mistakes to avoid, and much more!