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Shari Greco Reiches

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Visionary

Shari Greco Reiches

Meet Shari

Shari Greco Reiches is Co-Founder, Principal and Chief Visionary Officer of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management, an independent SEC-registered investment advisor.  The firm was founded in 2005 to offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management. Shari is the architect of the firm's Maximize Your Return on Life Solution, which aligns clients' financial planning with their Core Values.

She is a frequent speaker on financial planning and values, author of Maximize Your Return on Life - Invest Your Time and Money in What You Value Most, and enjoys mentoring women in the wealth management profession.

Her advice has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Worth.com, CNBC.com, U.S. News & World Report, RealSimple.com, and Parade.com among others. She is a favorite guest on "money" related podcasts, including Millennial Money and Money Nerds.

Certified in Applied Behavioral Finance, Shari brings more than 30 years of experience in wealth management. Consistent with her Core Value of giving back to the community, she has served in numerous roles in civic and non-profit organizations. Shari was previously Vice Chair and Board Member of the Illinois State Board of Investments (ISBI), a $23 billion pension system. She has been active in the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, the Chicago Foundation for Women, and the Medical Research Institute Council (now known as the Children’s Research Fund). She also serves on the Evanston, Illinois Finance and Budget Committee.

Learn More About Shari

The Book - Maximize Your Return on Life

Shari Greco Reiches is a storyteller by nature. Her personal stories and related exercises will inspire you to Maximize Your Return on Life by learning how to spend your time and money on what you value most. The book explores:

  • Your early and profound memories of money— memories that shape your relationship with money today
  • Your Core Values—how to identify them and let them guide you in important decisions
  • Understandable financial planning and investing strategies
  • How to ensure that your loved ones are protected
In "Maximize Your Return on Life", Shari empowers investors to make smart money decisions by focusing first on what's truly important to them—their core values. By asking the right questions and fully understanding what matters most to her clients, Shari delivers invaluable advice that helps them stay invested and stick to their long-term plans.                                                                                          -David Booth, Founder and Executive Chairman, Dimensional Fund Advisors.

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Shari Greco Reiches at a podium.

Let’s talk about Money and More!

Shari speaks to audiences of all sizes. She is a story teller by nature and loves to share her experiences. Since she started her career she has been on a mission to educate investors. In particular, Shari has a passion to empower Women In Charge—women who are newly responsible for their own finances.

Her talks are often interactive, as Shari leads group exercises related to uncovering deeply held feelings about money, values, and how they intertwine. A constant theme — maximizing your return on life is a journey, not a destination, and there are smart decisions we can all make along the way.

Shari also is a frequent panelist and moderator at industry conferences, discussing trends in wealth management, entrepreneurship, and business growth. 

Frequent Topics

Good Friends, Good Investors

Learn how the same skills women use to build meaningful and enduring friendships can be applied to successful investing!

Your Time, Your Money, Your Values

Shari discusses Core Values—how to identify them and let them guide you in important decisions about how you spend your time and money.

Start Smart Money Habits

Are you in college or just starting your career? Shari will discuss the job search, resume essentials, establishing credit, budgeting, investing for the short- and long-term, money mistakes to avoid, and much more!

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